Have you decided to expand your business and offer services on an international basis? When your business becomes international, it means that you will have to communicate with international customers as well. Unfortunately, making international phone calls is more expensive than making calls within the country. To reduce the price of phone calls and enjoy an array of other benefits, consider switching from a landline to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service for your business establishment. Do not worry about losing your current phone number, as the number can usually be transferred to the new phone service.

How Does VoIP Differ from a Landline?

The major difference between VoIP and a landline is that phone calls are not made using wires to transmit the signals. For example, rather than there being landline wires, you can make calls using the internet. The only wires that will be involved are those that are attached to your modem that is currently being used for internet purposes. If you do not have the internet or a modem in your business establishment, it will be necessary to obtain the service to use VoIP services. It is worth investing in internet services because you will save money in the long run regarding making international phone calls via VoIP.

Will VoIP Lower the Quality of Phone Calls?

The quality of your phone calls while using VoIP depends on a few factors, including the quality of your internet service. VoIP works best when a business establishment is equipped with high-speed internet, which is usually very affordable to obtain. Another thing that will factor into the quality of phone calls is how VoIP services are set up, such as whether Quality of Service (QoS) is enabled or not. When QoS is enabled, it gives VoIP calls a higher priority over email, streaming, and other services that use the internet. As long as your VoIP services are set up professionally, you can count on phone calls being as clear as a landline.

What Are the Advantages of VoIP Services?

An advantage of VoIP over a landline is that you and your employees can utilize the services from anywhere desired. VoIP can be used via a mobile phone, laptop, and similar devices, which is ideal if you desire to offer 24-hour customer service. Another advantage is that if problems arise, a VoIP technician can make repairs on a remote basis rather than you having to wait for him or her to physically visit your business establishments.

For help setting up a VoIP system for your business, contact a business VoIP company in your area today.